Constituency Data and Key Votes for the 110th Congress

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Techpolitics uses computer assisted research to disclose votes by Members of the House of Representatives that fail to align with the interests of large numbers of their constituents.  Those constituencies often include minorities, less affluent persons, Social Security recipients, veterans, rural residents and students.  Information on political contributions and other factors that may also influence House decisions are also presented.

We begin with extensive census data and figures taken from other government databases, with links found in the left column below this introduction.  The right column links to tables matching the appropriate socio-economic characteristics of congressional districts to individual House votes.  In many of the tables, the House caucuses that Members belong to are identified.  

Extensive information on the 109th Congress along with a more detailed description of the Techpolitics site, is found by clicking here.  That page also links to data for the 108th Congress.  Figures for the 110th Congress are linked below on this page. 




Census and Other Government Data for 110th Congress Districts

Race/Ethnicity/Income/2004 Election      


Base Table Showing Constituency Data for 110th Congress


American Community Survey 2005 Figures on  African American Population by CD    


Tables with congressional district data for the subject shown below for the 109th Congress may be found by reached by clicking here.


Social Security Recipients by Congressional District, with columns for categories such as disabled workers and widow(er)s.


Number of Veterans and Expenditures for Veterans by Congressional District


Number of farms  (rural indicator) by size, product sold and government payment by congressional district


Number of farms, rural population, median income matched with number of Social Security recipients by congressional district


Social Security Recipients for Florida Counties with Link to SSA County Data for Other States


Colleges and universities by congressional district with a link to Conscience Caucus Republicans who may oppose the Administration on Social Security. 


Maps, Elections, Contributions and Summary Information

Interactive Maps of Constituency Data on Race, Ethnicity, Income, Unemployment, 2002 Election Results, Party.  Links to state interactive maps with 2004 voter registration data (on FairData web site).



Votes Tied to Constituency  Data and Caucuses






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